About West County Fitness


Being healthy is a LIFESTYLE not a resolution! West County Fitness can turn that dream into a reality ! Our MISSION is to work with each and every one of our members to build a plan, teach that plan, implement that plan, and most importantly keep MOTIVATING each member to continue diving into that personalized plan that will change their lifestyle and help them reach the reality that was once their dream



West County Fitness started as a small dream and has turned into a reality for Emily and Jason Knisley. We were fortunate enough to be offered the opportunity to purchase West County Fitness in March of 2017. Emily and I have always been driven by fitness and living a healthy lifestyle, and to have this opportunity was both an honor and a no brainer to us. We feel very blessed to be living out our dream, which has always been to own a gym and be able to continue growing and giving back to the wonderful community that we live in.

West County Fitness is considered a family gym. Emily and I have been in a lot of different gyms in our lifetime, and we have never been in one that is as unique as West County Fitness. When we entered West County Fitness for the first time we knew that this was a different type of atmosphere than we had ever been in before. Everyone here is so supportive of one another. Everyone here is willing to help each other achieve their fitness goals and to teach people proper techniques and different exercises. Everyone looks out for one another and there is no judgmental attitudes at West County Fitness. Everyone is accepted here at West County Fitness and we are all here striving to make ourselves and each other look and feel better. We at West County Fitness, truly are one big family and we pride ourselves on that.

Emily and I both, played several different sports when we growing up. Our desired to live healthy life styles and be the best that we could be, started at a very young age and has transpired through the years. We developed a deep passion for the health and fitness industry as well as helping people out and conveying our knowledge and experiences to others. We both are certified in several different disciplines concerning personal fitness. We are always here to help and we encourage each and every one to ask questions and seek new training techniques as well as nutritional advice. No matter what experience level you are, it never hurts to learn new things or try different techniques to help you achieve your goals.

West County Fitness is truly a one of a kind fitness facility. Everyone here is super friendly, our facility is very clean, and we can provide something for everyone. We offer all different types of classes that are adapted to your fitness levels. We have a wide range of cardio equipment, machines, free weights, and our staff is very knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly. We are a 24/7 facility and we will have a child watch center in place very soon. West County Fitness truly is the People’s Gym and no one should ever feel uncomfortable or unwanted at our facility. Come check us out and see for yourself what we at West County Fitness are all about and how different we are from any other experience you have ever had!